I should not be shopping!!! I should not be shopping! I should not be shopping!

Who am I kidding?

I just can’t resist – I am still in maternity gear…but there are just some things that look too gorgeous to pass up!!! If you are up for a little color…have a look at these!!!

Nancy Gonzalez – http://www.vivre.com – Love everything about this bag!!!!

Vera Wang – http://www.vivre.com – What’s not to love?

also at http://www.vivre.com

Just a couple of things to add to the summer wardrobe…

I am also interested in the Oscar de la Renta shoes I have been seeing lately…although I am keeping clear of serious heels for the time being – it’s fun to look.

On another note – today I am working on the crib linen design for my little guy…

This is the textile – we’ll see how it works out…

I think it will be gorgeous!!!


Speaking of which…do you have any feelings about brown as a color for kids rooms?

I am bored with all of the brown on the market for kids…it’s just so dull!!!

I am sorry but brown textiles are just the end of the world for me…it really doesn’t get any worse…I understand brown as a color in leather or wood or some natural product – like a chocolate brown silk area rug (maybe?)

….but seriously – I have never been a fan of the brown/blue or brown/pink combinations..

brown fabric – it even sounds sad…like a grand woven depression if you ask me.





So, I actually started the blog and was in the process of planning the Great Return To The Working World when LO AND BEHOLD – we are pregnant again!!!!  After much excitement – it seems we have a plan. Along with all of the beautiful things – I imagine that we will be adding items for our new little addition as we start the research and prepare for our new baby!

In the interim – we have to finish the nursery for our first little bundle of joy (who continues to grow at the most incredible speed!!!!?????) and since to the munchkins will be sharing…we will be keeping the colors we started with and adding yellow to the existing blue and green…it should be gorgeous!!!

I also need to get my dress closet in order over the next 3 weeks – the inspiration for the Dolce & Gabbana Closet Experience will follow as well….stay tuned…