This year – we are taking a trip to Vegas & Palm Springs- should be interesting…6 months pregnant with a 10 month old in tow…

I love Las Vegas & I have never been to California – we are both really looking forward to the break.

Anticipating the chaos  – I have compiled a list in the name of efficiency and for fear that I will simply forget why I wanted to go to these stores…

First stop – J Crew!


This is so adorable – I can see me wanting to wear it for ages!



I also love these – sadly the black has been off the market for at least a season – I will have to check both the store and a Factory Outlet to see what is still available – there is a nice olive green as well!



I actually missed getting one of these at Club Monaco and was please to see that I may still be able to get one this way…it’s a Must Have in my book.

And from our friends at Banana Republic – which will be my other major stop…we have some great little accessories! I love this bangle – I hope that it is as attractive in reality!

I suspect that these will look good on me…


These sandals are adorable – again Banana Republic…

I could swing either way – this will depend on the actual weight when we try them on..once again – courtesy of our friends at Banana Republic…

Other than this – I will be shopping for the little ones & trying to get some much needed rest at the resort.

I also need to get a bathing suit & some shorts – we’re not going to worry about that too much though.




I should not be shopping!!! I should not be shopping! I should not be shopping!

Who am I kidding?

I just can’t resist – I am still in maternity gear…but there are just some things that look too gorgeous to pass up!!! If you are up for a little color…have a look at these!!!

Nancy Gonzalez – – Love everything about this bag!!!!

Vera Wang – – What’s not to love?

also at

Just a couple of things to add to the summer wardrobe…

I am also interested in the Oscar de la Renta shoes I have been seeing lately…although I am keeping clear of serious heels for the time being – it’s fun to look.

On another note – today I am working on the crib linen design for my little guy…

This is the textile – we’ll see how it works out…

I think it will be gorgeous!!!


Speaking of which…do you have any feelings about brown as a color for kids rooms?

I am bored with all of the brown on the market for kids…it’s just so dull!!!

I am sorry but brown textiles are just the end of the world for me…it really doesn’t get any worse…I understand brown as a color in leather or wood or some natural product – like a chocolate brown silk area rug (maybe?)

….but seriously – I have never been a fan of the brown/blue or brown/pink combinations..

brown fabric – it even sounds sad…like a grand woven depression if you ask me.