I should not be shopping!!! I should not be shopping! I should not be shopping!

Who am I kidding?

I just can’t resist – I am still in maternity gear…but there are just some things that look too gorgeous to pass up!!! If you are up for a little color…have a look at these!!!

Nancy Gonzalez – http://www.vivre.com – Love everything about this bag!!!!

Vera Wang – http://www.vivre.com – What’s not to love?

also at http://www.vivre.com

Just a couple of things to add to the summer wardrobe…

I am also interested in the Oscar de la Renta shoes I have been seeing lately…although I am keeping clear of serious heels for the time being – it’s fun to look.

On another note – today I am working on the crib linen design for my little guy…

This is the textile – we’ll see how it works out…

I think it will be gorgeous!!!


Speaking of which…do you have any feelings about brown as a color for kids rooms?

I am bored with all of the brown on the market for kids…it’s just so dull!!!

I am sorry but brown textiles are just the end of the world for me…it really doesn’t get any worse…I understand brown as a color in leather or wood or some natural product – like a chocolate brown silk area rug (maybe?)

….but seriously – I have never been a fan of the brown/blue or brown/pink combinations..

brown fabric – it even sounds sad…like a grand woven depression if you ask me.





Somewhere between Kelly Wearstler & Ralph Lauren (with his Mayfair Collection) I think there is an ultimate room waiting to happen…The much maligned Wearstler is really at her best with her Hermes inspired color pallette & I just love the black!


The Bel Air Hotel – kwid 




Okay, the dog is both a little creepy and stylish…all at the same time..www.kwid.com

I am working on getting some photos of the Ralph Lauren Mayfair rooms…check them out at http://www.polo.com